Officers and Staff

CHA Animal Shelter Staff and Board of Directors

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CHA Animal Shelter Staff

  • Stephanie WimbishExecutive Director
  • Kelsey Smucker, Director of Operations
  • Ashley Chrencik, RVT
  • Levi Webster, Volunteer and Event Coordinator
  • Emily Mattison, Veterinary Assistant
  • Amy Steckman, Animal Caretaker
  • Anne Dobrowski, Animal Care Manager
  • Duane Smith, Animal Caretaker
  • Joanne Torrey, Animal Caretaker
  • Carrie Ozbun, Animal Caretaker
  • Dr. Wendy Tsai, DVM
  • Dr. Christina Little, DVM

CHA Animal Shelter Board of Directors

  • Andy Roseberry (President)
  • Stacey Wideman (Vice President)
  • Greg Houser (Treasurer)
  • Matt Whitman (Secretary)
  • Patricia Harmon (Board Member)
  • Jan Wise (Board Member)
  • Katie Stenman (Board Member)
  • Lisa Yellen (Board Member)
  • Patricia Hoyer (Board Member)
  • Kara Markham (Board Member)

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