Emergency Medical Fund

How is CHA able to provide medical care when animals come to our shelter with serious injuries or other medical needs? With YOUR help!

CHA has established an Emergency Medical Fund (EMF) that is used to pay for non-routine medical expenses for dogs and cats. This fund is financed Solely by donations. It is used to save lives, provide necessary medical care and surgeries, and improve the quality of life for animals who might otherwise have no hope.

Please find it in your heart to help these poor animals in need! Surplus donations to the fund will be used only to care for present or future CHA animals with non-routine medical issues.

To donate directly to CHA’s Emergency Medical Fund, you can do so online through PayPal by clicking the link below using your credit card or PayPal account.

Donate to the Emergency Medical Fund

You can also donate through the mail by sending payments to or stopping by the shelter at:

CHA Animal Shelter, 3765 Corporate Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43231

For mailed donations, please make your check out to CHA Animal Shelter and reference the “Emergency Medical Fund” in the memo line. You can also donate cash, check or credit card in person at the shelter. If you donate at the shelter, please be sure to specify that your donation should go to the Emergency Medical Fund.

On behalf of our sick, injured, and other special needs animals, we thank you so very much!

Some EMF Success Stories…

Shaboogie started out an underdog — a mixed breed in a world That craves fancy designer dogs. She went from one rescue to another hoping that someone would be able to find her a “forever family.” Once she arrived at the CHA Animal Shelter, we noticed that she was having trouble walking and standing. She would be bounding toward you with all the energy and excitement of a 10-month-old puppy, d her back legs would just fall out from under her! For her full story, read here.

For Vicky, we’re not sure which came first for this young mother, the litter of kittens or her badly broken leg. All we know is that Vicky is a survivor. She was found in a rough part of town as she managed to pull her mangled, starving body up on a kind woman’s porch. Vicky’s luck changed forever when she arrived at the CHA Animal Shelter!! For the full story, read here.